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Johnson C02 Air Enrichment Generator

The Johnson CO2 Generator

4800 sq.ft. Plant Coverage

Air Enrichment Generator

Johnson C02 Air Enrichment Generator in a greenhouse

Maximize Growth and Profits with a Johnson C02 Generator!

As a greenhouse owner, you know that carbon dioxide is one of the essential ingredients in green plant growth. Controlling the impact the outside environment has on the inside of your greenhouse helps balance the limiting factors for optimal plant growth.

A Johnson CO2 Generator automatically provides ideal carbon dioxide level when plants need it most, year round to maximize plant growth-efficiently & economically.


  • Ease of Installation: Most growers do their own installation. No expensive duct work is required and CO2 is diffused evenly without supplemental fans.
  • Durability: Our highly engineered X’ burners ™ have been proven in the field for over 50 years; new purchases come with a burner lifetime warranty. Plus our new stainless steel generator optimizes operational longevity.
  • Efficiency:  Simply set the gas pressure gauge to completely automate the desired CO2 levels in your greenhouse. The 24V gas valve can be activated by a timer or an optional combination timer thermostat which automatically turns the units on in the morning and off in the evening.
  • Safety: In case of flame failure, the gas supply shuts off automatically.

Choose a Johnson CO2 Generator to maximize the green in your greenhouse.

Growroom Controller

Johnson CO2 Generators are made in the Heartland of America by Johnson Gas Appliance Co., family-owned since 1901.

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